Saigon has been known for its diversity street foods for a long time. Moreover, these street stalls are not only attracted by its fabolous dishes but also become meeting places for surrounding communities. 

Nguyen Hue Boulevard, originating as a canal linking Saigon River is used to be one of the best places to try street foods. However, in the past ten years, the street has converted to walking street, the images of the old days fade away; instead, the new look does not make Saigon stand out from other cities. 

Therefore, a mobile stand, Good Morning Saigon, that serving local foods and representing spirits of Saigonees, can give a reason for everybody to look back on its history and generousness that made this city.

A boat canopy is used to be popular for long-distance truck, especially in the 50s, in order to avoid the harsh sun southern of Vietnam. Moreover, the boat reminisces people about the main transportation in this city in the very old days, but now, being disappeared along with development of this society. However, this lost is only one of many material and spiritual values is eroded over time. By combination of an old traditional boat and mobile stand, assembled from anything that available in this city, selling things related to daily life, Good morning Saigon would like to remind Saigonese about the old culture, in which everybody gathered and shared a cup of coffee, gave each other flowers, and add some more poetic for this boring life.


  • Sai Gon, Vietnam


  • Wood, Old boat

Project Year

  • Oct 2015


  • Quang Dam