The Hut

The houses by the river Cai (Nha Trang, Vietnam) each year living with a few days of flood and small boat is the main transportation now.

Recently, the upstream hydroelectric built much that is no longer the flood. The boats used to be an indispensable means now become memories, to be hung up in the garden kitchen or throw. Weaving boats in Nha Trang also almost lost.

We just want to bring this out into the field memories as shade for several farmers relatives. And we are tired of digging foundations, pouring concrete, wall …, the calculation of ventilation, lighting … We seek freedom through architecture.


  • Nha Trang, Vietnam


  • Old boat, Bamboo

Project Year

  • 2015

Project area

  • 6.5sqm

Project Year

  • Aug 2015


  • Quang Dam