5 house

Located in outskirts of Nha Trang, a coastal city, and faced to the sea, the house is built as a weekend house for a small family. They already owned a villa on a mountain, but instead of a remodeling, decided on building a new residence on a different place to experience different life. Wood and rock, local materials, are used to bring the rural feelings for the owners, while all rooms are planted to have garden or sea views.

The house is not defined by series of rooms, but a loose relationship of functional spaces to enhance the flows of activities or independent movements. In this relation, isolated parts, bedrooms, kitchen, or living rooms, which generate different functions, are connected and separated at the same time under a duo-pitch roof; in the other words, reflecting a small village, the rooms are atomistic organisms, mathematical formulae, and embodies the dichotomy of openness and seclusion. Moreover, the relationships between closed blocks not only create flexible arrangements for various activities but also generate various senses of distances. People can discover the places for their own habitations in every of their steps.


  • Nha Trang, Vietnam

Site Area

  • 874sqm

Project Area

  • 234sqm


  • Wood, Concrete, Stone

Project Year

  • 2012