Salvaged Ring

Salvaged ring is a coffee shop located along side with a highway in the countryside of Nha Trang, Vietnam. After years working, the owner, which is a local carpenter, has a big stock of scrap wood that he wishes to give another life to them rather than leaving it fall into oblivion. Therefore, an idea that a building salvages these pieces of wood has come to life.

The first impression of the coffee shop is its unusual curved thatch roof that extended from the highway down to the riverbank. That single roof connects two different levels into one and softens the rigid structure supporting below. Guests are led by an exotic route from the exterior to the interior around courtyard created by the ring roof. 

Courtyard, as we know, is the result of cultural and climatic conditions in the region. Furthermore, it is also used as spatial generator and climate modifier. In this project, the courtyard is organized so as to adapt many functions and views in the buildings. As the result, the activities are taken place in the peace and quiet inside place linking to the river, apart from the noisy street outside. Moreover, it allows solar gain and natural ventilation, which are suitable to Vietnam climate. However, overusing courtyards can increase the heat and brightness causing inconvenience to people. Inner garden, roof materials and fenestration are carefully considered as the most appropriate solutions.

The scrap wood, which different sizes and shapes, are adjusted to adapt new functions. The small pieces are exploited for louvers at the entrance, which can prevent the heat and noise from the highway as well as being decoration patterns that remind people about old wooden doors used many years ago. Besides, the main structure is formed by larger parts, connected by traditional mortise and tenon techniques. In short, the pieces are used every possible means to be applied into the building so that there is no any new trees cut down. Furthermore, except wood, by using rock, and local coconut leaf, lively materials, salvaged ring is filled with harmony and native feelings. 

In conclusion, by taking advantages of scrap wood pieces stocked for many years, the salvaged ring is a highlight for carpentry technique together with striking spaces that can give an extraordinary value for the peaceful village.


  • Nha Trang, Vietnam

Project Area

  • 315sqm


  • Wood

Project Year

  • 2014